The new Buckie Thistle website has today reached a milestone of 100,000 views.

Since the overhaul of the website back at the start of last season the number of visitors has grown steadily and the site now attracts approx 380 visitors per day.

Director and Web Administrator Daniel Farquhar made the following comment, “When I took on the responsibility of the website I had very little knowledge of web design etc, it’s been a huge learing curve and taken alot of hard work and effort to get to where we are now, however, it’s critical to ensure that fans near and far are kept up to date with whats happening on and off the park at Buckie Thistle. Im delighted to reach this milestone and see the growth of the website, it drives me to develop it further. I’m currently working on a club shop and various other enhancements to the site, alot of which the old site never had.”

Please comment if you would like to see anything else on the website, we welcome any suggestions and, if feasable, will do our best to put them in place.

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