Buckie Thistle Football Club has a duty to provide as full access as is reasonably possible, for it’s disabled supporters and customers, to all services, facilities and goods offered to the public by the club.

The club operates a concessionary ticketing policy for it’s disabled supporters with no discrimination regarding different impairments.

The club is aware not all facilities are fully accessible to the disabled and confirms it is committed to making improvements and adjustments as necessary to comply to it’s best ability to the Disability Discrimination Act and it’s relevant Codes of Practice.

The club management and crowd control stewards are to be given the necessary training as required in an ongoing situation to ensure further compliance with the Act.

As per the club Anti Discrimination Policy and Unacceptable Behaviour Policy any grievance or complaint of discrimination will be dealt with as a serious matter under the Club Disciplinary Procedures.

Adopted by the Club Management Committee July 2013