Buckie Thistle Football Club has a duty to its supporters to –

Provide a safe and clean environment for adults and children alike to support their club and to continually assess and improve on our facilities wherever possible.

Provide assistance to any supporters with special needs, and their carers.

Make supporters aware at the earliest opportunity of any fixture changes or special ticketing requirements either by the club website, programme or local press.

Make supporters aware of any major changes at the club at the earliest opportunity either by the club website, programme or local press.

Organise a fan’s forum at least once per season to allow supporters to raise their comments or concerns regarding their club.

Respond to any reasonable contact from a supporter by the most appropriate method within seven days unless extreme circumstances render the club administration unable to respond.

Continue to engage with the community at every opportunity to enhance and improve the position of the football club within that community.

Provide the best service levels possible within the prevailing circumstances of the club.

 Adopted by the Club Management Committee July 2013