An Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of BTFC was held on Saturday, March 19th at 12 noon. This meeting was called by the Board to ratify some changes they wish to make to the Club’s Constitution. The Board felt it necessary to ensure that the wording of the Constitution conveyed that BTFC is a community club and a non profit organisation and that anyone, irrespective of creed, colour or gender, who is acceptable to the existing membership, will be encouraged to apply.

It is confidently expected that by the beginning of the 2016/2017 season the Supporters Bar will be ready. The Club is now proposing to invite anyone above the age of eighteen to make application to join and from this membership a democratically-elected committee will be formed to carry out a large part of its administration. Prior to asking for applicants it is necessary to establish a set of rules, under which the Club will be run, A draft set of rules was proposed by the Board as an initial document, which will undoubtedly be changed to reflect our experience during operation.

Although the number attending the meeting was disappointing, a lively exchange of suggestions and opinions was forthcoming from both sides.

After extensive explanation of the proposed changes by the Club’s Vice-President, Raymond Cardno, all changes requested by the Board were ratified unanimously.

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